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Excerpt from a verse novella manuscript, Faces of Fishing Creek at https://visitantlit.com/2017/05/30/faces-of-fishing-creek/ 

"Into the Fire" at http://rkvryquarterly.com/into-the-fire-by-kyle-laws/

"Labradorite, or Black Irish" at http://rkvryquarterly.com/labradorite-or-black-irish/

"Light Since 5 a.m." and "Exposure" at http://ithacalit.com/kyle-laws.html#.WYsYKpi.Wzcs

"Marie Curie and Tea: A Mirror of Soul, an Opera of the Atomic Bomb, or so She Thinks Outside Los Alamos" at http://meadmagazine.org/Laws.html

"Pale Girl" at https://plathpoetryproject.com/retrospective-berck-plage/

"Poppies" at https://plathpoetryproject.com/restrospective-poppies-in-july/ 

"Put on Cursing Like a Garment" at http://thenervousbreakdown.com/klaws/2012/01/put-on-cursing-like-a-garment

"Tearing Off My Voice, and the Sea" at https://plathpoetryproject.com/retrospective-the-rabbit-catcher/

Three poems at https://rivercitypoetry.org/rcp-summer-sampler-2017/kyle-laws

Three psalm poems at http://leapingclear.org/kyle-laws-poetry

"Trying to Leave Galloway" at http://misfitmagazine.net/archive/No-19/laws.html